We have been working on our theme for our upcoming investor event on May 25th.  Now, this is not like our normal small investor dinners, where we may have one or two couples attend.  This will be our first attempt to bring in 10 to 30 couples for a night of fun and education.

Greg, Steve & Bill_2.11.15 Investor Photo ShootWhy do this?  Of course, the obvious reason is we want to bring more people into our family of investors, but I also have this burning desire to help people become more exposed to alternative investments.  It is a wonderful world that so many people either don’t know about, are scared of, or have been told myths about.  Maybe they had a bad experience with one which, of course, can happen with any investment.

No matter the reason, people need to know about alternative investments.  It is important to get educated and know how to spot the good ones from bad ones.

Recently we had Nancy Pulliam join our team to fill our Investor Relations position.  Nancy’s previous life was in the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and insurance side of the business, or what everyone considers the traditional side.  She previously held her securities and insurance license.  As we have been reviewing our options for investors and our funds with her, she has found it to be an eye opening and interesting experience.

She had not really been exposed to that before and now there is some real excitement in the air for her to learn more, so she can help our investors and potential investors do the same.  In addition to bringing Nancy on to our team, we wanted her to be in charge of organizing bigger investor events, like the one coming up on May 25th.

So what is a theme that brings people like you to give up an hour or two of your valuable time to learn more about alternative investments?  Do we simply say, “Come learn about alternative investments,” or does it have to be more?

Well, like any marketing exercise, one size doesn’t fit all.  Here is our initial thought of a fun filled night to have people attend and not become bored of listening to me talk for an hour straight. We want to put together a really fun wine and cheese tasting event where, in between tastings, we can share some information about our funds and alternative investing in general.

We think that would make for a fun social event for couples, as well as an opportunity to educate you about investing options including our three funds.  Did you even know we have three to choose from now?

That’s right – we have three funds now:

  • ROI Strategies, LLC our Rent to Own fund
  • Assuravest, LLC our notes fund
  • Velocity, LLC our advanced commissions for Realtors fund

I feel very fortunate in life to be working with people that are the top of their class.  Our investors are so smart and really enjoyable to be around.  I am lucky to be doing something I love and can’t wait to get up in the morning to do it all over again each day.

Whatever our theme is for our 1st big event in May, I can promise you it won’t be boring, stuffy, scary, or a waste of anyone’s time.  What it will be is fun, interesting, social, casual, and maybe for some people, eye opening to a whole other world out there of investing.  Hope to see you there.

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