This Is No Housing Bubble

Home prices are rising at a more rapid pace than they were just a few months ago, as demand outpaces supply. Existing-home sales surged 9 percent year-over-year in March and home prices were up 8 percent over last year, according to the National Association of REALTORS®.

Do You Want to See Something Really Scary?

Remember the scene in the Twilight Zone Movie when Dan Aykroyd asks, “Do you want to see something really scary?” He turns his head away from the driver of the car, then turns back around, having pulled a false mask off his face… becoming a demonic creature. The creature fatally attacks the driver.

Is it Really Possible to Make Those Returns?

Every day I get told, “It is impossible to make those kinds of returns with your program.” I actually started telling people if that was the case, then you figure out what I did wrong, prove it to me, and I will buy a $100 gift card to your favorite restaurant for you. I have yet to part with $100.

Uber: It Should Be My Choice

I recently received this email from Uber about trying to get a law passed that would allow them to operate in Nevada: Dear Greg, With just a few weeks to go in the legislative session, the Nevada Legislature is considering legislation to bring Uber back to Nevada.

Lies + Government = Affordable Care Act

Lies, lies, lies and more lies. This President doesn’t stop with them. Does he do it on purpose or is it because he has bad information? I’m afraid it is on purpose for the simple fact that he never admits he was wrong. Why I am I so upset and bringing up this sore subject?

Who is Responsible for Repairs and Improvements?

In our agreements, the Lease 2 Own Homeowners are responsible for all of the improvements, repairs, and any kind of maintenance that surfaces after we have done the initial purchase of the property. This works two ways in most states because you only have a tenant-landlord relationship at this point.

SFRs… Are They the Horror Story of Real Estate?

Let’s review single family residences, which I will refer to as SFRs. Everyone needs a place to live. A lot less people need a place for their business, and certainly only an extremely select few need non-income producing properties or vacant land to develop. This means there is an abundance of people looking for a single family residence.

Meet the Katsimbras

Paul was injured in a car accident and unable to work for a short time. As a result, he just happened to be home recuperating and watching the 5pm news where he saw Greg on KNTV’s Money Watch.

Can You Predict the Future?

How do you, as an investor, compare small balance real estate funds? It all comes down to one important question, “How safe is your principal or investment during a big or even small real estate economic downturn?”

Investing in Real Estate isn’t all that Hard

Investing in real estate is not rocket science. If a guy that used to mow lawns for a living and has never graduated from college can be wildly successful at it, so can you! My passion is to share what I have learned and show you the methods that work every time with consistent results.

Rents Stay Strong for Investors – Best in 6 Years

Even though real estate is local, even down to the street in a neighborhood, the following article shows the national trend of how rents are increasing and continuing to stay strong throughout the country. With the shortage of new homes causing a lack of inventory of homes and apartments, the vacancy rate has fallen below 5 percent. This bodes well for our Lease 2 Own strategy.

Lady Gaga Raises $2.6M and Gives Away $5K

Did you know that Lady Gaga’s 501(c)(3) Born This Way Foundation is advertised as an organization that connects youth with anti-bullying, mental health, and other community resources? The foundation raised $2.6 million in 2012, but only gave away $5,000 for “grants to organizations or individuals.”

Just the Facts, Ma’am

In this blog post I’m going to break down the formula that we have spent many hours tweaking and modifying to get exactly right. Sometimes you hear me talk about our “Formulaic System.” If you follow this formula that I’m going to layout for you, you will be successful with each and every Lease 2 Own.

Keeping the Dream of Homeownership Alive

We have two core beliefs at Hughes Private Capital. One of those beliefs is that “The American Dream is Deeply Rooted in Homeownership.” It is sometimes easy to forget with all the hustle and bustle and daily challenges of running our business that the end result of our vision is to put families back into homes.

Rent Equity™ is Essential to Success

A 100% ability to be successful. That is our criteria for a candidate to qualify for our Lease 2 Own program. What does this mean for you, the investor? It’s another win/win situation. During the period that you are collecting the Rent Equity™, it is considered a non-taxable item like a security deposit.

Why the Fracking Bubble is Set to Blow

Harry Dent is an economist who predicts changes in the economy based off of the events and cycles of other nations. He has written an interesting article on how the leveraging of fracking is going to play a major part in the next debt crisis with oil prices falling so quickly. Whether or not he is right and to what degree

Best Tenants You Will Ever Have

One of the extraordinary parts about a Lease 2 Own done correctly is the quality of tenants you get to occupy the home… their home. That’s the catch - it is their home in their mind and who will take better care of a home than the homeowners themselves?

Fascinating but Terrifying

It’s book review time. This was gifted to all of our investors this month because the more everyone knows about her story, the better off we will be as a country. In some respect, I wish that the title didn’t include Obama’s name

The Magic of Compounding

I was fortunate enough to be handed a compounding chart when I was 20 years old by a stockbroker at Dean Witter. It really opened my eyes. Below is a compounding chart that I made for my youngest child when he was 9 years old.

Don’t Bet Against the Dollar

Hyper-inflationists — of the gold bug variety, or otherwise — hold firmly to the mental image of Ben Bernanke circling the New York skyline in a helicopter, dropping $100 bills like confetti at a New Year’s Eve party

Found Money, Literally

Have you ever put on a piece of clothing and reached into the pocket to find a $20 bill?  Found money, right? This week I am going to give you a place to go to see if you have any unclaimed property with the state of Nevada.  I was listening to the radio and heard an...

Gained a Dog, Lost a Cat

Has anyone seen our cat?  She is young, not very big, and has a tortoise shell color to her.  She’s the best cat we have ever owned.  She decided one night to sneak out of the accidentally left open front door when no one was watching.  This is not good … I have four...

Biting the Hand that Feeds It

Today I am going to do something that I normally don’t do but I think has to be done.  I am showing you a video link that is scary. Not like “boo” scary.  Hey, that’s funny but don’t do it again.  No, more like “that’s not funny scary” and it’s getting serious. The...

Atlas is Shrugging

Atlas Shrugged the Movie We are going to move off the beaten path of real estate today and discuss the movie Atlas Shrugged, the first installment of a trilogy.  Wow is all I can say.  I think I have just seen the best superhero movie, ever!  I may be a...

Someone Has to Make Sure the Dirt is Cleaned

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my youngest playing T-Ball a few years back.  Dexter is probably about 5 years old in this picture.  He is in the pitchers position.  Of course, he is just fielding since there aren’t any pitches really thrown in T-Ball. This was...

Hard Hit NV Posed for a Job Comeback

An interesting thing happened on the way to reading about Nevada being # 2 in the nation for job growth in 2012.  First of all how did it get to 2012?  Happy New Year to you and let’s make this one more prosperous than last year.  Now, back to the job growth. Texas is...

Oops! I Forgot to Ask… “Do you Believe?”

My very smart friend Steve and I were discussing a real estate investment strategy that I have been working on to help investors that need private financing to purchase a home for one of our many Lease to Own Buyers the other day.  We were debating back and forth...

Turkey Slaughter Extravaganza

Six turkeys hanging by their bound feet look up at us as they wonder why they’re hanging this way and why they just got snatched from finishing their (last) meal.  None of them are making a peep as they stare wide eyed at us.  I try not to make eye contact.  I sure...

Say, is that Dean Heller Sitting Next to Jim?

What a great country we live in!  What a great state we live in! What a great community we live in! I just had the privilege to take all four of my kids, my mom and friends to go see the Phantom of Opera in Carson City Friday night.  Now, I love the Phantom of the...

Will the Well Run Dry?

An interesting phenomenon is about to happen to the real estate market and the courthouse steps.  It is all going to run dry.  Are foreclosures going to be completely nonexistent?   Not quite.   They will be continuing on but we are going to experience something that...

Investors Pay Attention – The Time is Now

You know I normally don’t include a whole article in one of my blogs, but this one is a great summarization of what we continue to see in this Reno/Sparks market from Money Magazine.  My comments are in the blue below.   A Sweet Spot in Real Estate Daily Real Estate...

I Thought It Was All Over After My Foreclosure

Unfortunately, many people that I talk to feel a foreclosure is the end of ever getting financing again or at least for a long time after a foreclosure or short sale.  I am here to tell you that isn’t the case at all. In fact, it is incredible how fast you can get...

Kids Move Out, Parents Cheer

          That's right, the trend has started.  The kids are moving out of the basement.  Not out my basement because I don't have one.  I wish I did.   It is the young people that are living with their parents and...

Working with Me, Priceless

Working with Me, Priceless Havin' fun on our break   As if I already didn’t have enough to do, Kehau is leaving me for greener pastures.  For those of you that don’t know Kehau, she is not my horse nor is she my wife.  She is my dynamic...

I Will Give You a Million Dollars

How about it?  Here are your choices: 1)      One million dollars today. 2)      A shiny penny that will double in value for 30 days. One of the most powerful and incredible investing secrets is the compound effect.  You’ve probably already guessed that the shiny...

Why Lie?

Because we have to or you won’t listen to us.  Because that’s what everyone else does. Because the truth is too hard for you to handle.  Because…because…because… Marketing is a tricky business.  I mean this in two ways that are not related.  One is tricky like a...

Are We at the Bottom Yet?

"Are we at the bottom yet?"   Oh, don't get me started.   NO.  We are not and we will never know until it is too late or in real time.  If you think differently, then please tell me how your crystal ball works because it has to be...

The Doctor and the Keys

We bought a home for a doctor and his family the other day on the courthouse steps.  This doctor, a man of his word, had been referred to us by a really go-getter mortgage broker here in town. As always, most business deals come with a few wrinkles on them and...

Who’s Taller – Kathy Ireland or Me?

  Okay, I may not be the tallest guy you know but I look like a shrimp next to my new friend Kathy Ireland. Not to mention I look like I'm trying to run away.  I obviously don't have the same super model stature or training as Kathy, and to be fair,...

12-Building Industrial Project Sold

This article below is a great sign for our area!  Residential will follow commercial as we start to see the comeback for the area.  This article says exactly what I keep talking about.  Now is the time to get the great deals out there before it all...

How Many Have Died From Nuclear Power?

I wanted to share one of my favorite authors and blogger, Seth Godin's interesting and eye opening facts on nuclear power. It drives home the point of how much information and plain misinformation we are bombarded with every day. I see the same in the real estate...

Good News In A YouTube Video My good friend Reed Simmons at Grubb and Ellis sends out Good Friday messages each week. I always look forward to his messages because they are a change from the bad news that I hear all week long.  Awhile back, I...

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