A Rent to Own model
within the single family core
rental residential market

  • Purchases homes for highly qualified candidates that are temporarily unable to get a mortgage.
  • Has one of the only Short Sale Repurchase programs in the country allowing homeowners to remain in their home, rent back, and repurchase at a future date.
  • Provides safety in a market downturn by simply converting its properties into ordinary rentals to wait out the real estate cycle.
  • Investor Returns range from 10% to 12%.

Purchases non-performing
residential real estate notes
in bulk at a steep discount

  • Due to purchasing at a steep discount, the fund has the ability to craft creative workout solutions for borrowers which are not possible in the traditional mortgage industry.
  • Utilizes a multitude of profitable strategies such as re-performance, discounted settlements, short sales, sale of the notes, pay-offs, etc.
  • Its proprietary Short Sale Repurchase program allows borrowers to begin anew with a principal reduction and remain in their home.
  • Investor Returns range from 10% to 18% depending on the level of investment.

Provides commission advances to Realtors, allowing them to grow their business and stabilize their cash flow

  • Purchases commissions in advance from real estate agents throughout the U.S.
  • Velocity provides the capital to purchase commissions for the operating business Advanced Commission.
  • Advances are repaid on average in 46 days and many agents become repeat customers.

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